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Web Portal System
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All in One CMS

Further more than a simple CMS, YAK Pro - Web Portal System is an Internet application Framework!

You also can use it as a powerful Content Management System to start with it, then you will enjoy all its powerful features...
You can also easily build professional Web Sites in an intuitive way!
You can modify or update them, from everywhere in the world, thanks to a powerful and easy to use web interface!

YAK Pro - Web Portal System Killer Features:

  • Fully Customize the Look & Feel of your pages by easy mouse clicks.
  • Manage Static Pages, as well as dynamic News.
  • Classify your News using Topics (a News can belong to several Topics), to offer a thematic access.
  • Join Images or Photos to your News.
  • Automatically create Galleries combining photos from news belonging to same Topic.
  • Automatically create a Contents Table for your Static Pages.
    You can customize the Contents Table to fit your needs, by defining a hierarchical tree.
  • Manage your Contacts by giving them a privilege level (Guest,Member, Author, Administrator).
    A contact will have to log in with his(her) username and password in order to be identified with his(her) privilege level.
  • You can define a privilege level for each site element (block, static page, news,..).
    This privilege will correspond to the element visibility, according to the contact privilege level.
  • You can even, if you wish so, define Contact Groups, in order to manage site elements according to the belonging of a contact to a group, ( as a member or as an author ).
  • Provide a search feature for your own site!
  • Create Professional Multilingual Sites...
    You can even by yourself add languages that are not included within the product!

Original functionalities are available through Plugins.
Among them, you will find as part of the Product:

  • An automatic Calendar of the Events associated to your News.

Developers or third-party companies can provide you with Plugins which can be specific to your needs, thanks to a simple programming interface.


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